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If you are looking for a glass of wine, a cocktail or a draft craft beer, you are in the right place! We pride ourselves on serving you the highest quality drinks and the best cocktails in Horsham! Here at The M Bar we love creating fresh ingredients for our cocktail menus, for example our popular porn star martini tree is created using our home-made passion fruit jam, Absolut vanilla, fresh lime and pineapple juice.

Horsham Cocktail Bar

Our master of mixology Benz has designed you a set of unique, fun and theatrical signature cocktails with popular items such as the Clockwork martini cocktail, blood orange gin, triple sec, citrus and rimmed with popping candy, or our twist on a clover club cocktail, homemade citrus foam, beefeater gin, fresh home made raspberry puree, citrus.

Our Signature Cocktails

strawberry mint cocktail at the M Bar
Varied smoking cocktails
Coffee martinis with smoke
drink on a silver bar

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Sophie Burstow

Meet Sophie Burstow, the visionary co-founder of M Bar. A lifelong resident of Horsham, Sophie’s entrepreneurial spirit ignited at the tender age of 21 when she envisioned a dynamic, chic destination for food and drinks in her hometown. Inspired by her late mother Melanie, who once helmed a bar in Piries Place four decades ago, Sophie channels her legacy into creating a vibrant and stylish establishment. With a fervent dedication to customer satisfaction, Sophie constantly injects fresh ideas into the business, ensuring a warm and inviting atmosphere where delicious food takes center stage. In honoring her mother’s memory, Sophie’s commitment to excellence echoes through every aspect of M Bar – a legacy Melanie would undoubtedly take pride in.

Yoshi Head Chef at the M Bar

Yoshiki Saito

Introducing Yoshiki Saito, the mastermind behind the culinary creations at M Bar. With over 7 years of experience in the kitchen, Yoshiki has honed his skills in the art of fine Asian cuisine, drawing inspiration from his rich Japanese and Filipino heritage. His journey to becoming Head Chef began at Wabi, a prestigious two Rosette fine dining Japanese restaurant in Horsham, where he worked his way up the ranks. Yoshiki’s keen attention to detail, love for vibrant colors, and expertise in crafting intense flavor profiles have culminated in a menu that seamlessly blends traditional tastes with a modern twist.

Cocktail mixologist Benz in a suit

Benz Suwanmongkol

Meet Benz Suwanmongkol, the co-founder of M Bar and our esteemed Cocktail Mixology master! With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Benz has honed an unparalleled skill for crafting exquisite cocktails. Hailing from Thailand, he infuses our Asian Fusion Concept with his rich heritage, offering a unique blend of original recipes and inspiration. Whether he’s dazzling guests with his flair behind the bar, expertly rolling fresh sushi, or orchestrating the front of house during the peak of the party, Benz’s multi-talented approach ensures an unforgettable experience for all.